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Upcoming Workshops

April 28 – May 2, 2021

Writing Social Justice in Young Adult Fiction
The Muse and the Marketplace Conference, GrubStreet
9:00PM-12:00PM EDT

“Recent social, cultural, and publishing conditions have shaped a surge in social justice Young Adult literature. Themes of such work include: immigration, police brutality, gun violence, race, class, and gender identity, all against the backdrop of more traditional young adult narrative topics—coming of age, cultural traditions, friendship, family, and more. Yet, how do we balance story with content, juggle internal and external conflicts? How do we walk the tightrope of plot and politics and write nuanced characters that don’t become authorial caricatures? In this course we will read published excerpts by authors that may include: Angie Thomas, Natalia Sylvester, Kacen Callender, Samira Ahmed, Jason Reynolds, and Deb Caletti. We will also partake in writing exercises that help us engage with our material on the levels of stakes, story, and style.”