NSBORO Story Bridge

Northborough & Southborough Story Bridge

NSBORO joins with Story Bridge to highlight our districts’ stories. Led by local author, educator, and speaker, Jennifer De Leon, ten community members will participate in workshops about story development and live presentation. Then, in October, they’ll present their stories at an all community celebration.

We’re looking for our first NSBORO Story Bridge Cohort! DEADLINE EXTENDED: Apply by May 15th, 2022 at 11:59pm ET.

  • Who should apply? Anyone who is a member of the NSBORO community, including, but not limited to, parents and guardians, students, staff, faculty, administrators, and more! All participants should be at least 14 years old.
  • Do I need to be a writer? Absolutely not! Story Bridge facilitators Jennifer De Leon and Adam Stumacher will coach you through writing and presenting your story. As educators, they’ve worked with experienced and novice writers.
  • What’s the time commitment? We will meet as a group four times between now and September and present at an all community event in October. You’ll also be writing a bit on your own. Here’s the breakdown:
    • May 2022: You’ll hear whether or not you’ve been selected by May 25th. If you are, you’ll be invited to a meeting of the full cohort in late May/early June for an Introduction to the Art of Storytelling session
    • June 2022: You’ll bring the draft of your story to a meeting for a gentle feedback session with the group and later meet one-on-one with a Story Bridge facilitator for an individual coaching session to discuss your draft and get advice and feedback on how to develop the story.
    • July 2022: We’ll meet again and discuss how to shape stories for an audience and write toward performance. Shortly after this session, you’ll send your revised draft to a Story Bridge facilitator and meet one-on-one to discuss presentation strategies and ideas.
    • September 2022: We’ll meet with the full group and do a run-of-show and each participant will get a chance to practice in front of the group. Everyone will receive notes from the Story Bridge facilitators to consider as they continue to practice leading up to the event.
    • October 20, 2022: The Northborough-Southborough Story Bridge Celebration takes place!

Other questions? Send us a message at hello@storybridgewrites.com!